Bondurant City Cemetery

Bondurant, Iowa


This is a list of the veterans interred in our cemetery, along with the wars that they were in.

Name War
Addison N Gormley WWII
Andrew Harten Spanish American
Arnold John Palm Korean
Bert Carl Reese WWI
Boise G. Williams
Boyd P. Jones WWII
Burleigh Edward Newberg
C. Ray Bridge WWI
Carl A. Barnett WWI
Carl William Pettijohn WWII
Charles Eugene "Chuck" Bell
Clarence L. White Jr. WWII
Clarence Richard Korean
Claude E. Critchlow WWI
Claude W. McIntosh WWI
Cornelius Milton Comegys Civil War
Dale Eugene Short
Dale Lewis Renaud Korean
Dana Emil Krause
Daniel Alton Justice WWII
David Oliver Haning Korean
Dewitt V. Goode
Don Skutley WWII
Donald Garner McIntosh WWII
Donald W. Haugh WWII
Dorothy C. Pettijohn
Dr. Herbert W. Piper WWI
E. Wayne Cunningham WWII
Edward Wenetta WWII
Edwin E. Adams Spanish War
Edwin H. Jones
Edwin W. McIntosh Korean
Ephraim Porter Hall Civil War
Erick Erickson Jr. WWII
Ervin Thomas Fuson WWII
Francis W. Cox WWII
Frank E. Scott WWII
Fred Bondurant Lingenfelter WWI
George Leroy White
Gerald (Jerry) Lee Brown Korean
Glen Lester Pearson WWII
Harold D. Ginther WWII
Harold L. Cosper WWII
Harold Verne Reese Korean
Harry Carl Light WWI
Harry R. Hohrmann WWII
Herman L. Partridge WWI
Homer Cleo Comegys WWII
Hubert E. Johnson WWII
Hubert Marton Butler
Isaac Bruner Civil War
Isaac R. Palmer Civil War
Isom C. Shawhan WWI
Isom C. Shawhan Jr.
Ivan D. Runyan WWII
Ivan H. Evernden
James Allen Beasley Vietnam
James Blair Hay WWII
James Darrel Morgan WWII
James G. Haines Jr. WWII
James Girvin Haines WWI
James H. Haines WWII
James W. Crawford WWII
Jeanne E. McKee Braklow
Jeff Jarman
Jesse Cleo Paine WWI
John Gus Peters Korean
John H. Shackelford Civil War
John L. Anderson WWI
John Myers Civil War
John R. Robinson WWI
Joseph A. McIntosh WWII
Keith D. Burg Korean
Kevin Vaughn Grenada
Lawrence F Stoll WWI
Leo Phillip Griffieon WWII
Leo W. Fuller WWII
Leonard "Red" F. Erickson WWII
Leonard M. Pope WWI
Leroy F. Miller WWI
Leslie H Roseberry WWII
Lester C. Cooley. Sr WWI
Lester E. Fuson WWI
Lester William Pope WWII
Lewis Craig White Vietnam
Lloyd R. Miller Korean
Loren Doyle Byers WWII
Loren V. Mizer WWII
Lyle M. Bemisdarfer WWII
Malcolm Freeland WWII
Marcus W. Ingle WWI
Marvin Roseberry Korean
Melvin Wayne McGinnis WWII
Neva Helen Rooker Ault
Norman George Rieck WWII
O. Erwin Ingle WWII
Opal V. Stoll
Orie Henry Ault
Otto E. Stoll WWI
Ray J. Brandt WWI
Ray Scott WWI
Raymond D. Pettijohn Korean
Raymond H. Lansing WWI
Raymond Runyan
Richard H. Long WWII
Robert Allen Reese WWII
Robert C. Babb Korean
Robert D. Long WWII
Robert E. Hall WWII
Robert E. Lewis WWII
Robert Kooyman WWII
Robert Lee Hood Jr Korean
Roger D. Harris WWII
Ronald Lee Young Vietnam
Rudolph F. Haltermen Korean
Samuel B. Haines Civil War
Samuel H. Bridge WWI
Samuel H. Bridge Jr. WWI
Silvie O. Sanford WWI
Thomas C. Iseminger WWII
Thomas E. Monaghan
Thomas Parke Hunt WWII
Vern A. Dvorak WWII
Vincent F. White WWII
Wallace C. Broswell WWI
Walter A. Bemis WWI
Walter S. Sanford WWII
Ward M Robison WWI
William D. Clark WWII
William F. Cunningham Korean
William F. Frakes Jr. Korean
William George Anderson WWII
William George Anderson Jr.
William M. Crawford WWII
William M. Crawford WWI
William M. Whitman WWII
William T. Hudson Civil War
William T. Wright Civil War
William Wessel WWII
Winford Darrell Morton WWII
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